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VONT Acquires HMG Search Marketing

VONT Acquires HMG Search Marketing

Westbrook, ME — March 5, 2009

VONT, the web-marketing subsidiary of Ethos Marketing and Design, today announced the acquisition of HMG Search Marketing of Portland, ME. Founded in 2001 by Elizabeth Harvey, HMG Search Marketing is a pioneering search engine marketing company serving clients in Maine, Boston and nationally. The transaction closed during the last week of February, and the two businesses have combined their operations at VONT’s Westbrook offices.

“VONT has been growing rapidly as an integrated web development and search marketing company,” explains Tom Gale, president of VONT. “When the opportunity arose to add the highly skilled team of HMG Search Marketing, we saw an immediate ability to accelerate our growth plan and to attract clients on a national level.”

VONT was established in October 2007 as the web-marketing subsidiary of Ethos Marketing and Design, a full-service branding agency in Westbrook, ME. Over the past 18 months VONT has experienced rapid growth by providing web design, search engine optimization, email marketing and paid search campaign management for the company’s clients.

“Clients have always sought to quantify a return on their marketing investment. As the economy shrinks, this has never been more true than today,” says Glenn Rudberg, co-founder and senior brand marketing strategist for Ethos Marketing and Design. “More than any other marketing channel, the web delivers highly quantifiable results. VONT was established specifically to help clients continuously improve their web marketing initiatives and to provide high rates of return on their investment.”

Nationally, companies like Google and Yahoo have seen continued increases in their paid search business, while traditional media companies continue to struggle. In the 4th quarter of 2008, Google’s aggregate paid clicks as well as its overall revenues increased by approximately 18%. Conversely, the venerable New York Times saw advertising revenue decline by 16.9% in the final quarter of 2008. At CBS Broadcasting, revenues declined by 6.1% in the same period.

With the HMG acquisition, VONT plans to extend its services nationally by providing web marketing strategy and planning, website design and development as well as a full complement of search engine marketing services including organic search engine optimization, paid search campaign management, link building, email marketing, online PR, paid placement campaigns and social media.

Joining the VONT and Ethos teams at 907 Main Street in Westbrook, former HMG employees include Ginny Marvin, Search Marketing Strategist; Monica Wright, Organic Search and Social Media Specialist; and Sarah Kutzen, Paid Search Specialist. Founder Elizabeth Harvey will continue in a consulting capacity.

About VONT

VONT is an integrated web design and search engine marketing company. Established in 2007 in Westbrook, ME as a subsidiary of Ethos Marketing and Design, VONT designs, builds and markets client websites using a full range of search engine marketing (SEM) techniques including organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search campaign management (PPC), paid placement, email marketing, online public relations and social media marketing. VONT’s mission is to help clients determine what web-marketing investments are working; to continuously improve these initiatives; and to provide high rates of return on investment.

VONT – Know What Works!

For more information, please visit

About Ethos Marketing and Design

Ethos Marketing and Design is a full service Branding agency located in Westbrook, Maine. Ethos specializes in brand development, strategic communication platforms, advertising, and creative communications across a wide variety of mediums. The company was founded on the premise that strategy drives creative; and integrity, accountability and client results are what matter.

Ethos Marketing and Design – Delivering on Strategy.

For more information, visit


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Modules of CRM solutions

Customer Relationship Management is the process of managing relationships with customers by capturing, analyzing, and storage of customer, partner, vendor details and also internal process information. The key functionality of a CRM solution can be studied under 3 basic modules. They are Marketing, Service and Sales. All these modules are Operational, Collaborative and Analytical.

Marketing Module

The marketing module of CRM comprises of functionalities regarding short term execution of marketing related activities and long term planning within a company.
It also helps in activities like Campaign Management, lead management and planning. Marketing module enables your company to run marketing campaigns using different communication channels, which targets potential buyers using a product or a group of products as a message. It generates sales related leads which then can be converted into sales.


Service Module

The service module of CRM focuses on how effective the system is of managing customer service which is planned or unplanned. It helps in activities like Service Order Management, Service Contract Management, Planned Services management, Warranty Management, Installed Base (Equipment) Management, Service Level Agreement Management, Resource Planning and Scheduling and Knowledge Management

Sales Module

The Sales Module of CRM Solutions focuses on the sales team of the company to manage and execute the pre-sales process, making it more organized. The sales teams in most companies are responsible for capturing any leads or opportunities, capturing customer interaction, the CRM helps them process this data and monitor it in the future. This helps in organizing all relevant data received and captured for a deal to be put into one place, it could hold data as expected budget, total spending, prospective customers, key players, products interested in, important dates and expected closing dates of a deal.

Each of these can be stand alone applications depending on organizational need. It is important that the right software is selected and more importantly implemented correctly for any CRM to be effective.

Antje Wilmer is a freelance writer on eCommerce. He has written the articles and blogs on eCommerce and eCommerce solution. gives the information about crm solution.

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SEO Reseller Plans ? Referral vs. Private Label Why is it so hard to find a good SEO Reseller Plan! Help!

SEO Reseller Firms offer an ever-increasing number of SEO reseller plans.  At times, all of the different SEO Reseller advertisements can be difficult to sort through.  With affiliate programs and commission based structures to white label and private label SEO Reseller Plans, researching through them and choosing the most profitable one can be a huge pain and leave you smashing your head against the wall.  Let’s face it, finding a good SEO Reseller firm is a real nightmare!  This guide will help in your search to find a quality SEO Reseller plan that fits your company’s needs.

Affiliate SEO Reseller Plan

These are typically associated with an existing RETAIL SEO Firm that offers a sort of financial kickback or commission structure for referrals sent to them.  These SEO Firms market to Web Designers and other marketing firms who have clients that need marketing online and cannot offer the service themselves.  

Most of the time, the commissions gained are small (10-15%) but the work involved with earning the commission stops at the referral.  In this SEO Reseller Plan example, the Web Development Firm finishes the web build with a SEO friendly website and refers the client to the SEO Firm.

The Web Development Firm must attach their name and reputation to the SEO Reseller Firm during the transition from development to marketing.  This risk is considered relatively high and the profit margin is considered low.  At times, depending on the SEO Firm, the client does not get the sense of personal service they may have had with their Web Development team.  Additionally the marketing company you referred them to now owns them as a marketing client… you no longer retain the client.  The largest difference in affiliate SEO reseller plans vs. a private label SEO reseller plan is that with a private label SEO reseller plan you retain your client and keep them under your company name.  


Technically….SEO reseller plans that involve an affiliate program are not even SEO reseller plans.  They are affiliate and referral SEO plans that call themselves SEO reseller plans because there are more people looking for the terminology ‘SEO Reseller Plan’… tricky, tricky.  

White Label/Private Label SEO Reseller Plans

SEO Reseller Firms should offer a private label service for those wishing to start selling SEO or for those who already sell SEO and are looking for an outsourced back end.  In this business structure, the Reseller offers SEO Services as their own service and the SEO Reseller Provider takes care of all the work involved from keyword research to getting rankings.

Typically, the profit is higher with this SEO Reseller Plan because it does not pay on a percentage structure.  When you work with a private label SEO reseller you should pay them an understood rate and price your client at WHATEVER PRICE YOU WANT.  Paying wholesale rates to a SEO Reseller Provider is easy to understand and keeps your clients under your company name.  Expect a certain amount of customer service to be required by your sales team, but expect the profits to be high.  If the white label SEO Reseller Plan has sales integration and is willing, learn all you can from them regarding their methodology for SEO.

Regardless of which SEO Reseller Plan you chose, make sure your SEO methodology aligns with your SEO Reseller Provider.  Make sure you have a dedicated campaign manager that is available at your disposal for residual training and reseller customer service.  Find a SEO Reseller Provider that has SEO Experts writing your proposals (preferably free) that include keyword research and work detail.  If their procedures do not make sense, then ask a ton of questions, and if you get bogus answers, then find a new provider.  For instance if you are having trouble with a campaigns ranking and you ask your campaign manager, “Why are my rankings hurting so much?” and they answer with, “There is a large Google shuffle going on and this is out of our hands.”… Then you need a provider that prepares for the Google shuffle before it happens.  There is always an answer and with many of these companies you have to stay on top of them or you will be taken advantage of.

Make sure your SEO Reseller Provider’s business structure, reporting system and analytics systems are solid.  Always ask for examples.  You can learn a lot from picking up the phone and quizzing them on all your questions.  The best SEO Reseller Plans will be clearly explained on the SEO Reseller Provider’s website and they should always be available for additional questions.  Make sure the SEO Reseller Provider has a solid understanding of SEO sales and will be there for support for the whole life cycle of a SEO campaign from sales to rankings.

If you need consulting on this industry and want to talk to a USA company that can educate you on how to find the best SEO Reseller Provider… then call the best at 323-203-0217 or visit us at and put our wits and knowledge to the test!

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RTVN/DailyDOOH Digital Signage 10. Who is leading the education effort?

Education, Is The Industry Missing Something? Where will the industry find skilled people?
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2010 The Email Marketing Vision

In many homes, a new year means that dreaded spring-cleaning. We attack those rooms in which we have hidden away so much junk and clutter, too afraid to face it head on. It has been building up for some time. Now, it is time to open those areas that have just collected dust, and sweep them clean. Throw out the junk. What do we do then? We make room for change, for newer and better things that will now take their place, improving our quality of life.

So in parallel, we need to clean out our old ways, the ideas that have not worked; and the marketing strategies that are no longer relevant with the age we are living in. We need to get a transfusion, improving the lifeblood of our business. Let’s determine to make a new plan which incorporates innovative strategies the blessed internet has provided. Our goal has not changed, but the path always does. Our message continually needs to get out in fresher and newer ways. We are always in search for greener pastures of growth potential.

The world is our oyster, but we must learn to crack its shell.

Vision: Every brand, product, and service, must start with a vision. What is yours? Having a core goal and voice must be shared by your entire team. It is your company’s foundation. Before your next internet marketing campaign, get your team together and make sure you are all on the same page.


Conversation not Dictation: Do you have conversations with your clients or are they constantly listening to you? Give them a voice. Engage their thoughts and thinking. As email campaign managers, or internet marketing consultants, you may know your tactics, and know them well, but your clients are the ones using your services and products. Seeing the world view from their end can enlarge and start increasing your market niche simply based on their advice and comments.

Dare to be Different. Think about it. If you could personally meet with a product manager, or even the owner of a business, isn’t that a good thing? It gives a personality and voice to the product and brand. Don’t just be an innovative thinker, live out of the box and take some new and uncomfortable steps that you may have never considered before: Visit your clients. Let them know how valuable they are. Create events and invite them – they can be webinars, physical conferences and seminars Create a New Year’s survey asking how you can improve. Gather some testimonials for your next newsletter.

Let your clients know they are dealing with a person, not an impersonal business.

Demonstrate your Values. In this day and age of schemes and gimmicks, it is refreshing to see a company that stands by the values that it preaches. What gives you the cutting edge in your competition? Do you deliver what you claim? What message do you send out in your mass email campaigns and enewsletters? Your business should represent all you say you stand for.

Be Visible and Reachable – Say Hello to Social Media Marketing. Social Media is and remains the most cost-effective promotional method out there. You now have the ability to attract large numbers of visitors, some of whom may come back to your website repeatedly. If you are selling products or services, social media marketing gives you the potential you need to make your site profitable in a fairly short period time.

find more email marketing articles, guides and tips on is the Leader in email marketing software , Easy email creation, list hosting, real-time tracking and reports, personalization, targeting, bounce handling, ISP relations and more

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Lingxia 273 Launches Real-Time Web Coldfusion Content Management System

Lingxia 273 Launches Real-Time Web Coldfusion Content Management System

I.C.E. CMS Admin Interface

Shanghai, China — August 11, 2009

Lingxia 273, a Web-development and digital marketing company serving global clients, has launched I.C.E. Content Management System, a new breed of Coldfusion-based content management system that allows companies to build dynamic Websites that can consume and publish online information via public APIs and RSS data feeds in real-time.

I.C.E. Content Management System serves as a single integrated platform for Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Campaign Management, API Management, Content Syndication and Web analytics. I.C.E. customers get a single integrated system to handle all their website development, deployment, management and tracking needs. The I.C.E. Content Management System can be downloaded at Lingxia I.C.E. Coldfusion Content Management System.

“The days when you built static Websites with content that changed infrequently and waited for potential customers to discover it via Google are long gone. Today, Web sites and applications need to integrate into your customer’s social life stream in real-time, enabling social interactions and communications through the social graph. The traditional breed of content management system, designed to place content into neat categories for occasional updates, is poorly suited for this task,” said Sahr Johnny, Digital Director of Lingxia 273 and the principal developer of the I.C.E. Content Management System.

Sites built with I.C.E. Content Management System do not exist in static, occasionally refreshed silos but can dynamically integrate and interact with a wide range of Web services from popular sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube etc. Sites are able to “connect” with their users through built-in social features that can spiral outwards into the social Web establishing multiple two-way channels of communication with users.

Companies can leverage I.C.E.’s Content Management System module to generate unique relevant content for their customers; the Customer Relationship Management module to build and engage with their user base; the Campaign Management to track and measure the success of their banner and search engine advertising campaigns; the API Management module to consume user-related data from third party Websites and to publish data back to those sites; the Content Syndication module to generate and create content from RSS feeds and Web analytics to keep track of how the whole digital ecosystem is performing.

I.C.E. Content Management System is a Windows application built on Adobe Coldfusion 8- the leading development platform for rapid building and deployment of Websites and Web applications that can leverage all the latest Web technologies such as Ajax, Flash, Flex, Javascript – and uses the MySQL database for data storage. The application is available as a free software license for non-commercial users and a commercial license for commercial/for-profit use. Download Lingxia I.C.E. Coldfusion Content Management System.

“I.C.E. Content Management System is the culmination of over 12 years of Web site development experience on every type of website conceivable. We’ve built I.C.E. Content Management System to be able to handle practically any kind of Website and to consume practically any type of data feed from any third-party site. What’s more, Web developers have everything that is amazing about Adobe’s Coldfusion under the hood – Ajax, .NET integration, dynamic image manipulation, online presentations, PDF generation, rich forms, Javascript, easy database connections and more,” said Lingxia’s Sahr Johnny.

For additional information on I.C.E. Content Management System and what it can do for your Web project, please contact Sahr Johnny or visit Lingxia I.C.E. Coldfusion Content Management System.



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The way to Improve Popularity in Pay per Click Management Services

The most effective decision you’ll be able to make from your on-line business website is choosing the right PPC management company. By knowing what the proper PPC Company can do for you or how to choose the proper PPC Company can improve esteem in Pay per Click Management Services from them.

* They need reputable contacts everywhere the net market space and know who to speak to and the way to save lots of your cash that you never knew may be saved in the primary place.
* Understanding what happens to your targeted traffic once they arrive at your website and why they’re or are not converting into sales or expressions of interest is another of many services you’ll expect when you select the proper PPC management company.


* Notice a PPC management company that boasts a swarm of specialist skills and data, sure firing to profit your on-line business website.
You would like to grasp that the firm that handles all of your business websites PPC campaign management desires is partnering with you, not operating as a separate unit and making you look the opposite way while your advertising budget fall off.
* Examine the history of the PPC management company you are designing to figure with. Do they have a confirmed diary of success with online business websites and PPC campaign management normally?
* Are they willing to travel that further mile to create certain the success of your business?

Most successful PPC management companies are successful as a result of they are adept at serving to beginner on-line entrepreneurs and experienced ones get the most out of their business.

This means the proper PPC management company can help you with everything from selecting the keywords that create the foremost sense keeping your business and your product in mind, developing the perfect ad that can produce the proper quite interest, optimizing every single page on your web site so that every page gets clicks and work out what is the most cause of traffic to travel faraway from your web site without converting into sales.

All of the higher than mentioned services from Pay per click management firms can undoubtedly improve the popularity of your business.

Quick Recap:

How to Improve Popularity in Pay per Click Management Services?

* Find a PPC management company that boasts a swarm of specialist skills

* Look at the history of the Pay per Click Management Services company

* Check out for their list of clients, industry   comments

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Marquis is all about helping their clients succeed. “My goal is to always exceed your expectations,” says Jana Miscavage-Brito, client manager. "I'm passionate about our clients. We go above and beyond to help you succeed.We provide the tools and strategies to make your job easier as well as provide the expertise to get outstanding results.” MARQUIS offers marketing, sales and compliance software tailored to the challenges facing financial institutions. Marketing Software As a pioneer in MCIF software, MARQUIS leads the industry with solutions for client retention, new account acquisition, onboarding, campaign management, direct mail fulfillment, profitability, cross-sales and product re-pricing. ExecuTrax updates client information nightly, while the OnTrax service provides an expert consultant for strategic marketing assistance. Sales Software MARQUIS has 100 CRM installations. Their sales & service CRM solutions facilitate referral tracking, incentive management and sales pipeline management, providing a 360° client view to optimize sales opportunities. CallTrax manages and monitors formal Sales & Service CRM initiatives, and ExecuTrax is an automated MCIF and referral tracking system that enhances sales leads, internal communication and teamwork. Compliance Software MARQUIS’ comprehensive CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending software helps clients stay on top of the latest regulations, assisting with process and performance reviews
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Quickly and easily uncover any Google Adwords advertiser’s keywords in only a few seconds! Secretly Spy On & Uncover Anyones Google-Adword Keywords While You Browse Google In Real-Time!
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Adzzoo, A Company With a Unique Opportunity For Businesses and MLM

First of all I want to make it clear that this is a third-party, expert review of Adzzoo and I am not connected to this company in any way. My goal is to provide you with a sufficient amount information that you can make a good decision to either join them or utilize their services.

Adzzoo is a company that began operating in 2009 with a focus to reconnect local business with local customers by offering complete online campaigns to give businesses more exposure and customers through the internet. This may be a great opportunity for both local businesses and home business professionals as a mlm.

Adzzoo was founded by Kevin Anderton, who originated the first prepaid phone card company in the U.S. among several other large companies; and Scott Anderton, who spent his career developing and training sales teams in several direct sales companies over the last 15 years. To this leadership team they add Don Rutt as CEO, who is a successful entrepreneur, always wanting to do things differently and make them better.

The background of this leadership team adds up to some great components for an opportunity. It’s so important to have leaders who have a combined experience in different areas that together can make things happen.


As far as what the company offers, it’s is a big plus. There are more and more local business who are starting to suffer as more consumers are relying on the internet to find what they are looking for. This puts Adzzoo and the company’s reps in a very good position since they offer advertising campaigns that are targeted to specialized regions.

So when a person goes on the internet instead of looking in the phone book or watching ads on television, they do a search for whatever item or service they are looking for and they’ll find businesses in their local area. Adzzoo states that they are able to take advantage of YoutTube, Facebook, Bing,,, Bloomber, Yahoo, and wikiHow. These are all great sites to get exposure with because they are extremely popular and get massive traffic.

Some companies already have an internet staff on the pay roll who are doing advertising and using the strategies and techniques for optimal web promotions. But for those who don’t have a massive advertising budget, this could be a great deal.

Add to this is an opportunity to make additional income for each business owner or a person looking for an opportunity through Adzzoo’s compensation plan. A business owner can join as a rep, help other business get more exposure while making some decent commissions. Individuals who are not business owners but understand how this company is positioned in the market, can also benefit by signing up as a rep and earn commissions.

Adzzoo’s compensation plan is based on the highest tier of campaign manager, who recruits a downline sales team in order to generate a stream of income. Profits are built through recruiting and selling advertising packages to consumers. There are fast start bonuses as well as payments made to any uplines. Income is also earned through personal ad campaign sales to retail sales clients and paying a fixed percentage of the sales volume based up on rank. In addition there are three more ways to generate income from overrides on ad campaigns, campaign renewals and bonus pools.

This company has all their ducks in a row and are offering great advertising for local business who do not have an internet presence. They also offer an opportunity for both the business owner and the network marketer to earn extra income.

Adzzoo, in my opinion is a good opportunity. Should you join them as a rep? That is of course up to you to decide. But before you jump headfirst into a nightmare of frustration and failure you must know how to market. To learn a simple, step by step, powerful formula that will help you market in an effective way visit The Secret MLM Profit Formula for a FREE 7 day traffic generation bootcamp.

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Real-time Decisioning Software to be Showcased by Portrait Software at DMA09 Conference and Exhibition

Real-time Decisioning Software to be Showcased by Portrait Software at DMA09 Conference and Exhibition

Henley on Thames, UK — September 18, 2009

Portrait Software, a leading provider of insight-driven customer interaction software, will showcase how real-time decisioning software can convert inbound customer interactions into revenue and retention opportunity at the upcoming DMA09 Conference & Exhibition. DMA09 will take place October 17-22, 2009 at the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

Leading Portrait’s presence at this year’s event is Aaron Tellier, Director of CRM Strategy and Implementation at Merrill Lynch. Tellier will present in the new “Trigger Marketing” track with “How Inbound Campaign Management is Changing the Game at Merrill Lynch.”

The case-study presentation will focus on using inbound campaign management to improve retention and cross sell by engaging customers at the time when the customer has chosen to interact – through inbound customer touch points such as call centers and IVR systems. Portrait’s real time decisioning capability enables timely and relevant interactions with each individual customer by presenting the right offer at the right time to the right person.

Learning Points:

Leveraging event-triggered marketing for inbound customer interactions
Learn how to convert call centers from cost centers to profit centers
Learn how to make every inbound interaction as good as your best

The Merrill Lynch case study will be presented by Aaron Tellier on Tuesday, October 20 at 2:00 pm PT, in Room 1B, Level 3.

To learn more about the Trigger Marketing track and register for this event, click here

Visit Portrait Software at Booth 2634

Portrait Software will showcase its real-time decisioning capability, one of the key components of its customer interaction software, in Booth #2634 in the DMA09 Exhibit Hall in the San Diego Convention Center. Visit Portrait at DMA09 to learn how marketing organizations worldwide are using insight-driven customer interaction solutions to increase customer retention, company profits and overall marketing ROI.

“Portrait is pleased to again be participating in the DMA’s annual event,” said Mark Smith, EVP, Portrait Software. “We are delighted to be involved with the first “Trigger Marketing” track and look forward to sharing news of the successes our customers have experienced this last year with visitors to our booth. In spite of today’s business climate and shrinking marketing budgets, our customers have harnessed existing customer data and processes to improve the health of their companies while demonstrating the value of strategic marketing investments in an organization. Solutions that support customer retention and company revenue increases have become critical keys to success in this still challenging economy.”

About Portrait Software

Portrait Software enables organizations to engage with each of their customers as individuals, resulting in improved customer profitability, increased retention, reduced risk, and outstanding customer experiences. This is achieved through a suite of innovative, insight-driven applications which empower organizations to create enduring one-to-one relationships with their customers. The Portrait suite seamlessly integrates the world’s most advanced customer analytics, powerful inbound and outbound campaign management, and best-in-class business process integration to drive real-time customer interactions that communicate precisely the right message through the right channel, at the right time.

Our 300 + customers include industry-leading organizations in customer-intensive sectors. They include Merrill Lynch, Lloyds Banking Group, US Bank, Dell, Nationwide Building Society, T-Mobile, Telenor, Fingerhut, Bank of Ireland, Bank of Tokyo and Fiserv Bank Solutions.

For more information on Portrait Software, please visit:


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